Our Terms and Conditions

1. Communication

    1. For non-order and less urgent issues, you can use any of the following emails:support@writerscash.net or writerscash@gmail.comPS. We open and respond to emails within 24 hrs. In case you need your issue to be expedited, you can sms us through our phone (0725-709-514).
    2. For order and urgent issued, kindly call or sms us through 0725 709 514 (we prefer sms unless the issue is better sorted through a call). PS. In case of an order issue, you MUST send an email and accompany it with sms or a phone call. Please note order issues are URGENT, and unless you alert us on phone a deadline crisis will be imminent. Mind that we can take up to 24 hrs to browse through volumes of emails that we receive daily and that’s why we insist that order issues must be accompanied with sms or phone call (Don’t call unless an sms will be less effective). In case an order is late because, for example, you had requested for some files or instructions through email only which was not read on time, you will be held responsible and a fine of up to 100% imposed. It is extremely important to follow appropriate communication channels to avoid complications.

2. Our payment policy schedule and method

    1. Our current system determines the orders that you will be paid based on the deadlines of the client. In this case, the orders you will be paid on 11/12th will include and exclude some that were completed by the end of the previous month, or even include some that were completed after the end of the previous month. The same case happens for the orders paid on 26/27th – they may include and exclude some of the orders completed by 15th of the same month, or even include a few orders that were completed after 15th of the same month. However, if the writer remains dormant for a certain period, the admin may intentionally exclude some of the orders due for payment till the next period.PS. Any orders paid as POD is marked zero, manually, when its payment is due. If you notice any confusion with regards to PODs, be so kind to contact the admin.
    2. Writers who are highly proficient and attentive to deadlines are eligible for POD (Pay On Deliver) orders.PS: Only active writers with an unpaid balance (at least ten pages) are eligible for POD offer. To claim the payment for such orders, send us an email after you complete the paper. POD orders submitted late or in bad quality are treated as regular orders; the same case applies when the writer does not cooperate for any reason.
    3. Although we try our best to ensure writers are paid by the end of the second payment day, sometimes things can get out of control and the payment is late for a day or two. In such situations, though uncommon, we will request for your understanding and patience. Some of the reasons that could cause delays include setbacks in the international money transfer, a hitch in our payment procedure or schedule, among others.

3. Order cancellation/ fines

    1. Proofreading drawbacks: Papers with very low grammar level are reassigned to office editor with some small fine. However, writers with very low command of English or those who do not carefully proofread their work are usually banned, to avoid plunging our network into serious problems.
    2. Plagiarism: papers detected with high amount of plagiarism are cancelled, and 100% fine imposed. Besides, the chances of the writer being banned, following such unprofessional conduct, are very high.
    3. Neglect/ Writer Disappeared: Writers who neglect their assigned orders and disappear without any communication are not only reassigned from the order and slapped with a 100% fine or higher depending on the damage caused.  All writers who sign up with WritersCash.net are required to be reachable through phone, 24/7, and in case of any trouble they are supposed to contact the support team immediately.
    4. Late reassignment request: when a writer requests reassignment from an order when little or no time is left, a heavy damage is caused to us and, therefore, a penalty a determined by the support is imposed. In most cases, the amount of fine depends on the damage caused by the reassignment, and sometimes it can be a huge amount so writers are advised never to take the option of last minute reassignment. Also, in some instances, the writer’s level is also demoted.
    5. Order overdue: If the client requests partial refund or full refund due to writer’s lateness fault, a certain percentage of penalties are imposed, depending on the level of damage sustained.

4. Misrepresentation of self

    1. WritersCash.net requires all writers to upload their certificate and other testimonials, not only as a proof of qualification, but as also as a proof of identity. Uploading of false documents or samples during the application process is a serious violation, and once it is detected, the writer is banned immediately. The support team reserves the authority to demand any writer to upload additional documents as a proof of identity, in case the ownership is on suspicion.

5. Subcontracting

    1. WritersCash.net has never, and has no intention whatsoever, of allowing its writers to subcontract its services. In the event that the quality of services offered by a writer declines radically, our staff undertakes a quality check, and if he/she is suspected of subcontracting, then our cooperation is terminated forthwith.

6. Upload of Drafts

    1. From time to time, the support will request you to upload drafts for the order you are working on. A draft simply means the work in progress, and not a completed paper. Whenever you are requested to upload a draft, kindly respond promptly and attach the file, without minding much about grammar and formatting, unless you are a new writer undergoing assessment. We request for drafts for different purposes, including keeping them as backups in case of undesirable events that lead to submission failure, or just to confirm that the progress of the paper is good.
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