Writers Levels

  Orders to get to this level Amount Per Page ($) Maximum bids Maximum Claims Other Requirements
Fresher 0 2.0 1 0 N/A
Junior 15 2.5 3 0 N/A
Intermediate 5 3.0 5 0 Must take at least 1 urgent/P.O.D/technical/ order per week
Senior 30 3.5 10 2 Must take at least 4 urgent/P.O.D/technical/ order per week
Premium 50 4.0 15 3 Must take at least 4 urgent/P.O.D/technical/ order per week
Platinum 70 4.5 20 3 Must take at least 4 urgent/P.O.D/technical/ order per week
First Class 100 5.0 30 3 Must take at least 4 urgent/P.O.D/technical/ order per week

Reasons for writer’s level downgrade


  • One to several cases of noncooperation. The actions that we would consider as noncooperation include:
    • Several cases of lateness or lateness without communication
    • Very many cases of lateness (with communication or without)
    • Many cases in which we can’t reach you on phone
    • One or several cases in which we can’t reach you on phone when you have an urgent order issue
    • Several cases in which you apply for orders and don’t confirm when assigned (without communication).
    • Refusing to attend to a revision with no valid reasons
    • Abandoning a current order. You have a current late order and you can’t be reached and you are not communicating. Only one case will lead to a downgrade
    • Many cases in which you are asked to confirm if you are working on a revision and you never respond.
    • Several cases of retracting from an order after wasting a lot of time. Our allowance before you request for a reassignment is 2 hours, or less in case of an urgent order.
    • Failure to follow our general terms and conditions.
    • Submitting revisions without highlighting changes using Microsoft Word’s Compare Feature. This is our recommended feature but some writers refuse to comply and submit revisions without highlighting changes or by using other unsuitable methods.
    • The support cannot reach you on phone when following up on an order, and you don’t call back.
    • Requesting for deadline extension the last minute
    • Refusing to attach a draft when requested to do so by the support
    • Order lateness with no communication. When having a late order, some writers will not take any action till the support looks for them
    • Requesting for deadline extension without specifying the time needed. For example, a writer will just say “I need more time for this order.”
    • Requesting for extension without attaching a draft. We have made it clear in our terms that deadline extension request must be accompanied by a draft.
    • Careless bidding. Some writers will apply orders without reading instructions, and when they are assigned they do not confirm, or they request for reassignment after wasting a lot of time. Also, some writers will apply orders when they are not available to follow up, so when they are assigned, a lot of time is wasted as they won’t confirm. Only bid for order when you are available to follow up, and in case you are no longer available, write to the support to ignore your bid.
    • Some writers have no power backups/ use desktops, and when power goes off, their work is lost. When you are working in such circumstances, it is your responsibility to keep backups, for example by attaching drafts to our email progressively, otherwise you’ll be held liable in case you cause crisis. In any case, you should understand the nature of your job and do everything possible to avoid causing trouble.
    • Trying to cheat when asked to attach draft. For example, attaching unrelated content
    • Revising papers on unedited file

If you submit one to several papers that are of bad quality, your account will be downgraded. What would ‘bad quality’ entail?

  • Numerous negative quality feedback on majority of the papers. Examples of such cases include:
    • many cases of awkward/primitive formulations,
    • Use of fake/ random citations,
    • Submitting papers without proper introduction
    • Demonstrating poor research and analytical skills
    • Bad/shallow content
    • Ideas that hardly demonstrate profound research
    • serious issues with plagiarism
    • Many cases of instructions not followed
    • Weak or lack of thesis statement (if needed)
    • Papers not proofread
    • Cases of mistakes in sentence structuring/formulation
    • Cases of using cliches, overused transitional words
    • Some non-essential space-fillers (information that carries no value)
    • Paraphrasing issues
    • Gross mistakes in formatting
    • Very ESLish writing style (such as ‘this is because”, “on how to”, “Personally, I think that” and others)
    • Poor structuring and organization of ideas (introduction is not consistent with conclusion, no topic and concluding sentences, ideas are provided in a chaotic way)
    • Problems with vocabulary/word choices (lack of appropriate topical vocabulary and topical terms, use of words that do not fit the context, use of colloquialisms, failure to use appropriate synonyms)
    • Stylistic mistakes (narration style, rather informal writing that makes the paper look like a blog post rather than academic paper, failure to stay neutral and providing rather subjective view on the issue)
    • Using outdated sources
    • Cases of confusion with citations
    • low level of the English language proficiency
    • Lack of logic in ideas provided
    • Poorly-connected paragraphs that look like bullet points
    • Poor paragraph structuring (for example topic sentence is lacking)
    • Providing general information, rather than specific well-researched information
    • Cases of biased language or biased ideas
    • Poor usage of advanced vocabulary

In most cases, we regularly provide writers with feedback on areas that they need to improve on. However, we understand that most writers don’t care to even check what has been edited in their papers or pay attention to editor’s comments. As a result, most writers never improve. For example, a certain writer will submit papers and the feedback is always about repetition, wordiness, comma splices, etc., with no evidence of any improvement.   If we are convinced that you are not making any progress, your account will be downgraded till that time when you can address the issues.


Recently, we have come across a number of issues that are very serious and a threat to the writing industry. Since we are taking these issues seriously, any writer who is a culprit will have his/her account downgraded instantly or even fined and banned! These include:

  • Some writers are using shared grammarly and other grammar checking software whereby some of the rogue users are stealing the uploaded papers and selling them online. If you use such accounts and your paper is sold, for example to chegg.com, you’ll be liable for the actions. If you can’t afford to buy a private grammarly account, please do not use this software.
  • Turnitin. Some users will use this software inappropriately, and the papers are saved in the website’s database. Again, in case your paper is plagiarized in this manner, you’ll take full responsibility.
  • We are also aware some writers are scammers, and they will attempt to obtain customer’s personal details so they can blackmail them.
  • Paraphrasing ideas and copying structure without proper citation and referencing is also considered plagiarism. Some writers will download a paper online, paraphrase all the ideas and cite fake sources. This is a serious form of plagiarism, and if you are caught, your account will be downgraded.
  • The other is the issue of fake citations. If you use certain sources and instead of citing it you look for others and cite them randomly, this is equally a form of plagiarism that will lead to an account downgrade. In connection to this, we require writers to always provide download links for all sources used for purpose of verification (links that will lead to book preview or article full text download). If you do not comply with this requirement on several instances, your account will be downgraded.

How and When Should I Request for Promotion?

When your account is downgraded (or you simply wish to get a promotion), and you are confident you have addressed all the issues that led to downgrade, and attained the number of order required to move to the next level, you can email us on support@writerscash.net . However, in case any of the above violations are still occurring, you won’t be eligible for an upgrade. When writing to us, ensure the email subject reads “REQUEST FOR PROMOTION,” then explain how you have addressed the issues that were previously raised.

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